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Superb Tent Co., Ltd. Es uno de los principalesFabricantes de toldos de aluminio y pvcEn foshan. Somos una nueva empresa establecida a principios de 2013 en China. Con más de 16 años de experiencia en la industria de carpas, de alta técnica u0026 amp; Diseño innovador idea orientada, el personal profesional de nuestra empresa tiene la experiencia para garantizar que el diseño, fabricación, alquiler y ventas están bien organizados. Como resultado, estamos más allá de la comparación en la industria. Nuestros productos se exportan a los mercados de ultramar y tenemos derechos independientes de la importación y de la exportación. Fábrica superbtent en foshan: Equipo superbtent:

Nuestros principales productos son tiendas de campaña móviles de aluminio transparente modular con estilos diferentes ecorations de 3m a 60m, pagoda de alto pico y tiendas de gazebo, y los accesorios como iluminaciones, pisos, a / cs, mesas, sillas y otros muebles que son ampliamente utilizados dentro de Las tiendas

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2019 Annual Meeting of Superb Tent was held successfully

"Working together, creating the future together".With the blessing of the president Mr.Zhen and all shareholders, the 2019 annual meeting of Superb Tent will be kicked off! Along with the melodious music, the inspiring talent show also follows, the staff of each department show their own strengths, bringing us a gorgeous audio-visual feast. The awards and lucky draw were interspersed among the programs, and there were cheers. Wonderful Performance Literary and art programs are also very wonderful. The solo "Suiyuan" and "Hagarza", the duet "The full moon night", the chorus "Yearning for glory", the dance "Jazz Dance", "Dancing Dwarfs" and "Wild Wolf Disco" are all on the stage. The wonderful performances are full of the charm and vitality of spring. They are humorous, funny and have won cheers. Awards of the year We commend advanced workers and excellent teams, and give them full affirmation and high praise for their achievements. Lucky Draw During the performance, there were also many...

Superb Tent won two utility model patents

Recently,Superb Tent won two utility model patents:"A kind of door fixing device" and "a kind of fabric top tension structure" have passed the examination and authorization of the State Intellectual Property Office, and then the patent certificate has been issued. These two kinds of new patents have high applicability and innovation for new products independently developed. The utility model patent authorization obtained this time not only shows the technical strength of Superb Tent, improves the brand image, but also makes substantial contributions to the caravan field. At present, the patent has completed the transformation of achievements, formed a new product to be put into use in the new tents, and won the unanimous praise of users.

“Superb Tent”and “South China University Of Technology”hand in hand 2019 Guangzhou International Light Festival

Guangzhou International Light Festival officially started on November 18th,2019. "Pearl of the heart of the sea", as one of the main performances in Haixinsha venue, is jointly created by the Architectural design and research institute of South China University Of Technology and Foshan Superb tent. It is the smallest curved structure with the thinnest and largest scale in the world.The height of the production is 7.8 meters, which is made of aluminum plate and PVC. The top material for PVC is to let the light look more transparent. The design of "pearl of the heart of the sea" fully interprets the technical support and cooperation between "Superb tent" and "South China University Of Technology".By sharing technology research and development with South China university of technology, Superb tent will walk in the forefront of science and technology, constantly develop new products, to solve customer needs problems, better to service customers.Superb tent will promote ...

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